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As part of the Stockholm World Water Week conference, the WinS Network, GIZ, UNICEF, and WaterAid co-convened a session on the 24th of August 2023  titled “Side talks and bus rides: How country exchange can accelerate WinS” which featured:

  • WHO/UNICEF’s Joint Monitoring Programme presentation of the status of WinS
  • UNICEF’s regional offices in East Asia, the Pacific and South Asia's findings from the recently commissioned ILE review
  • Inputs from delegations of the WinS International Learning Exchange (ILE) from Africa and Asia
  • A moderated discussion to delve into the ILE’s relevance based on the past eleven years and consider future opportunities for replication in Africa

Video and Presentations used during the session can be accessed below.

Recording of the session is also available HERE

  • Thu, 24 Aug, 2023
  • Online
Full Session Recording


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