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This is the Global Handwash Day 2023 theme and the focus of this month’s WinS Network webinar with inputs from the Global Handwash Partnership, Viva con Agua, Splash and HappyTap. 

The webinar exchanged the work on:

  • Global normative guidelines for Hand Hygiene, the work hosted by FHI360, under the Global Handwash Partnership.
  • Fun-based behavioural change approaches that took place under the collaboration between GIZ and Viva con Agua called the 'Waterproof project, Dance4WASH ' in six African countries, 
  • Splash shared their human-centred hardware and software designs for hand hygiene.
  • HappyTap shared their new normal of hand hygiene everywhere and why it’s needed.

The Wins Network 'Chat, Listen and Exchange' series allows practitioners and WinS partners to share and exchange to align our efforts to achieve SDGs 4 and 6. 

You may check the presentation and videos used during the webinar below or you may watch the recording of the webinar HERE

See you at the event!


Supporting documents

  • Thu, 19 Oct, 2023
  • Online
Webinar Recording


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