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The November webinar of the WinS network focused on recent studies, evaluation, and tools to strengthen and sustain the WinS (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Schools) systems.

The session begun with Christine JiaRui Pu, a PhD candidate from Stanford University, presenting a systematic review of the necessary conditions for sustainable water and sanitation service delivery in schools. Followed by Brooke Yamakoshi, a WASH specialist from UNICEF EAPRO, who presented the enabling environment framework. This tool has been effectively used by Ministries of Education, government departments responsible for WASH, and development partners to discuss their WinS status. Lucie Leclert of Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium (SWSC) Partners then presented the evaluation methodology of their signature approach, Blue Schools, which uses the enabling environment tool in the conceptual framework.

You may watch the recording of the webinar through the link on the right side of the page. Presentations are also available in the attached documents below.

  • Thu, 16 Nov, 2023
  • Online
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